Questions and Answers
Can we cook or use the kitchen?  
We are sorry but cooking facility is not available.  Tea, coffee and hot chocolate are available
throughout the day.  If you would like to prepare simple meals such as sandwiches and soup,
please see our North Suite.
What kind of breakfast do you provide:  
Complimentary full breakfast, seasonal fruit and a variety cereals are provided.   Examples of full
breakfasts include breakfast wraps,  bacon and eggs and omelets.
What time is breakfast served?
Complimentary full breakfast is served between 8-9AM.
Is smoking allowed?
Sorry but smoking is NOT allowed in the house and the premises, including yards and decks as
smoke drifts inside the house through open windows.
What's your check-in time?
For you convenience, we offer flexible check-in time.  Please make arrangement with us prior
the arrival date.  Please inform us ahead of time if your estimated arrival time is changed.  If
you wish to leave the check-in time open, that's fine too as long as you give us two hours notice
prior arriving.  Please let us know if you prefer to set up a check-in time or you would like to
give us a two hour notice.
What is the check-out time and can you keep our luggage for us on the day of check-out?  
Check-out of the room is 10:00am (I know, it's ridiculously early...).  You are welcome to hang
around and relax but we need to have access to prepare the rooms for next guests.
If your flight is in the afternoon or evening and you need a place to store your luggage, you can
leave your luggage with us in the living room - no valuables please.  
Do you accept credit cards, debit cards or personal cheques?
We accept cash or traveller cheques only.  The mere thought of additional paperwork gives me
How do I make a reservation?
We rely on the old fashion honour system.  Once your travel plans are finalized and you have
firmly decided to stay with use, all you need is to send an e-mail to us and we'll go from there.
What's your cancellation policy?
Please let us know as early as possible if your travel plans change.    We are a small
establishment and any last minute cancellation or no-show has a very negative impact on us.  
We most likely have turned away inquiries based on your reservation and not able to let out the
room last minute.
Changes and cancellations must be made at least two weeks before the first night of the
reservation.  Less than two weeks notice, one night stay.   
What kind of shoes can we wear in the house?  
Please only wear soft sole indoor shoes or soft sole slippers.
We have X, Y, Z allergies, what kind of breakfast do you provide?
We try to provide a balanced meal using common breakfast items such as eggs.  We can
accommodate vegetarian (by leaving the meat out!); however, beyond that, to be honest, we are
not very good in preparing full breakfasts for serious and multiple allergies.  Breakfast will be very
simple then and if you have very strict diet, you need to bring your own special breakfast.    
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Is there a phone in the room?
The guest rooms do not have a phone in the rooms.  There is a phone in the living room for
making outgoing calls.  All incoming calls will be transferred to me (Jenny) and if I am not home,
I do my very best to ensure messages are passed on to the guests at the first opportunity.  
Is there a change in rate if we do not have the breakfasts?  
Complimentary full breakfast is served between 8-9AM and as it's complimentary, the rates
remain the same even if you do not have breakfasts.