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Some information you should know


What is your check-in time?

Check-in is flexible so please check with us. If the room is not ready when you arrive, you are welcome to leave your luggage in the living room so you can visit the city without the burden of suitcases. No valuables in luggage please.


We are arriving late, is it possible?

It is possible to check-in late provided you are considerate and use common sense – speak quietly, walk softly and most importantly, have showers in the morning. If you really must have showers, then please keep them very short in consideration of other guests’ comfort. If you have lots of luggage, please prepare a small overnight bag to bring to your room and leave the big bags in the living room until the morning.


What’s your check-out time and can you keep our luggage for us?

Our official check-out time is 11:00 am. If your flight is later in the day, you are welcome to leave your luggage in the living room after check-out. No valuables please.


How do we make reservations?

The folks at Vancouver Traveller Bed and Breakfast are quite old fashioned….and rely on the old fashion honour system in accepting reservations. Once your plans are finalized and you have firmly decided to stay with us, all you need is to email the full names of each guest in your party, your phone number, address and an estimated arrival time. In case you are curious, yes, the old fashion honour systems works – not perfectly but it works.


What’s your cancellation policy?

Please note that we rely on honour system in accepting reservations so please make the reservation after your travel plans are finalized and you have firmly decided to stay with us. A minimum two-week notice is necessary for cancellation or changes. Less than two weeks’ notice will incur a fee equal to one night’s stay. Some day cancellation will incur a fee equal to a minimum two night stay andup to half of the reservation. Although the official cancellation period is two weeks, please give us as much as notice as possible if your travel plans change. We are a very small establishment and cancellation/no-shows have a huge negative impact on us. We may have turned down requests for bookings based on your reservation so plenty of notice of any changes on your part is greatly appreciated.

What of the house and rooms?


Is there a curfew?

No. You will have keys to your room and to the main door at the bed and breakfast so you can come and go as necessary. However, because the rooms are all on the same floor and our family members live on the ground level, we ask you to be considerate of others and be extra quiet during the quiet hours of 10 pm – 7 am.


Can we wear shoes in the house?

Sorry, but no outside shoes allowed in the house.


Are guest rooms non-smoking?

The bed and breakfast is 100% non-smoking including the guest room balconies.


Do you accept pets? Do you have pets in the house?

No to both questions due to allergies.


Do you provide daily housekeeping?

We do not provide daily housekeeping. We provide light housekeeping every 4 days.


Can we cook or use the kitchen?

No. Our kitchen is only for family use. You are free to purchase prepared foods at the nearby supermarket and use the microwave in the kitchenette. Please leave food waste in the kitchenette instead of in your room.


What is in the kitchenette and is it available at all time?

There is a kitchenette with a bar fridge, a bar sink with instant hot water and a microwave available for guests between 7 am to 10 pm. There is basic cutlery, dishes and cups in the cupboards. Complimentary tea bags, instant coffee and hot chocolate is available in the dining room. For everyone’s enjoyment, please wash your dishes after use.


Can we use your wash machine and dryer?

No. While we do provide a wash and fold service, laundry service is not always available so please inquire first. The wash and fold service comes at $10-20 per basket and must be submitted 36 hours prior to when you need it. You may also go to Oaksville Laundromat at 3099 Oak St, Vancouver, or Hi Lite Laundry at 1237 W Broadway, Vancouver, both of which are a five-minute drive away from the B&B.


Do you have onsite parking? What kind of parking do you have?

There is ample free street parking with no time restriction. Basic rules even without being posted, such as a vehicle must be parked in the directing of traffic, still must be followed.

What of the Money?

What do your rates include?

The rates include Wi-Fi and breakfasts. The 18.5% taxes are not included and will be added. We reserve the right to assess additional charges for any damages to the property.

What are the taxes being added to the total?

A total of 13.5% tax is added to your subtotal:
(1) 8% Provincial Sales tax on Short-term Accommodations,
(2) 3% Municipal and Regional District tax,
(3) 2.5% Additional Major Event Municipal and Regional District tax
Lastly, there is a 5% Federal Good and Services tax that is calculated based on that sum. You can refer to the BC Sales Tax for Accommodation webpage for a more comprehensive breakdown!

What are your accepted methods of payments?

We accept cash. We accept credit cards. We accept e-transfers from Canadian banks. To pass savings onto you, we offer a 5% discount for payments via cash. We also accept bank drafts and certified cheques – please ask for details first.

Do you accept US dollars and what is your exchange rate?

We prefer Canadian dollars but we will accept US dollars. The exchange rates will not be the highest you can find as we do it as a courtesy and for guests’ convenience. To give a rough idea – if the exchange rate is $1 US to $1:28 Canadian, you get $1.25. If it was $1.31, you get $1.3. We do not round up the exchange rates. Please note that the online exchange rates are the very best rates we simply do not get. Please do not use the online exchange rate when you do the conversion if you wish to pay in US dollars. Banks and currency exchanges rates are usually a few percents lower.

What of the Breakfast?


We have x,y z, allergies and/or dietary needs. Can you tell us about your breakfast?

From April to October, our complimentary full breakfast is served between 8-9 am. We offer items such as omelets, French toast or bacon and eggs. In addition, there is always yogurt, fruit and cold cereal. We cook vegetarian and gluten-free breakfasts upon request with a minimum two days-notice as we may need to pick up ingredients. If you have severe or multiple allergies or preferences, please bring your own special breakfast. We are not comfortable cooking for strict diets as we are not professionally trained to do.


Do you provide cooked, full breakfasts all year round?

Unfortunately we do not provide full breakfasts in the low seasons. After years of cooking breakfast all year round, Linda requests a break. So there is only self-serve cereals in the low season. We are still around so we will still be able to give you information and directions and answer your questions.


Can we have breakfast at x time as we leave at Y time?

Vancouver Traveller Bed and Breakfast is run mainly by Linda and Jenny. As Linda is the only one cooking (it’s best if you avoid Jenny’s cooking…unless you are very brave and have very good medical coverage), breakfast time is restricted to 8-9 am. In the low-season, cereals and milk are available the whole day.

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